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About WSPiA University of Rzeszów

WSPiA University of Rzeszow is the oldest non-public academic institution in eastern Poland and Podkarpacie. It was established in 1995 pursuant to a decision of the Minister of National Education. WSPiA is the only non-public university in Podkarpacie, and even in eastern Poland, and one out of the 5 non- public academic institutions in Poland (out of ca. 300 in total), which has the right to confer the degree of the Doctor of Laws. This gives us the status of an academic institution and thus a membership in the elite group of the best univesities in Poland.

WSPiA University of Rzeszow is one of the largest non-public academic institutions in Poland. Currently over five thousand full-time and part-time students are studying at our University.
WSPiA is one of few non-public higher schools in Poland with the right to conduct graduate studies for the Master's degree in Public Administration and to confer the title of "Master of Administration." WSPiA as one of few non-public universities in Poland has also the right to conduct graduate studies for the Master's degree in Law and to confer the title of "Master of Laws". Since 2009, WSPiA has been implementing an innovative nationwide system of apprenticeships for students of "Administration", "Internal Security", and "Law".
In line with the assumptions of the modernization agenda for higher education the goal of the University is to promote a greater number of graduates, which is favored by four fields of studies. Another reason for educating, which is equally important as the number of graduates, is to equip them with the adequate knowledge and professional practice. Access to the relevant knowledge is provided by classes taught by both theorists and practitioners (including entrepreneurs). It is also important to allow students to participate in open lectures in English and German by foreign lecturers.
Our students acquire appropriate practical skills during practical classes conducted both at WSPiA, as well as outside the university, also in companies and institutions abroad. Their innovative system based on the division of time between theory and practice provides a more efficient way to prepare students for their intended profession.
Not without significance is organization of scientific conferences with the participation of Polish and foreign students and follow-up international publications. Due to its geographical location, our University maintains close relations, primarily, with Ukraine; especially that a large group of students studying at WSPiA comes from this country. Our University also intends to continue joint research projects with Ukraine. For this purpose, in addition to the participation of our students, involvement of our researchers is also necessary. Joint activities are to result in a more efficient cross-border education and help in finding jobs for future graduates.
The next target for our University is also increasing cooperation with other Western states, including primarily Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany and Italy. The agreements that we sign annually aim at internationalization of the conducted studies within the first and second cycles and uniform studies for the Master's degree. Due to fact that the academic institutions abroad have fields of studies that are similar to those conducted by WSPiA, it is possible to take actions for launching uniform courses as well as joint study terms. In the future, cooperation may also apply to doctoral studies conducted by WSPiA.
The University is especially interested in undertaking international activities also with other foreign organizations and institutions. Currently in this respect, there are also numerous initiatives with participation of foreign partners, including ones from Ukraine and the United States. Already now, with the support of a non-governmental organization - the Partnership for Democracy Foundation and American and Ukrainian partners, WSPiA organizes scientific seminars and conferences, whose results are international publications.
By participating in the Program, WSPiA intends to carry out all the priorities adopted by the modernization agenda for higher education. The first one aims to increase the number of graduates in individual fields of studies, of full-time and part-time and of the first and second cycle, as well as uniform studies for the Master's degree.
The second priority is going to improve continually the quality and relevance of education by providing the best knowledge and basic skills and allowing participation in international research projects.
In order to increase the educational efficiency it is planned to continue pursuing cross-border cooperation, particularly with Ukraine, as well as wit h other countries of Western Europe. This will be achieved through joint research projects and joint courses and study terms.
As part of strengthening the knowledge triangle, WSPiA already combines education with scientific and business research, employing entrepreneurs as our teachers.
The financial reward system for the best students as well as monitoring of their professional careers that is operating at WSPiA provides an effective mechanism for management and promotion of excellence.